Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Little Steps on Abstract Art !

Hi friends,

This time no 3d max art, instead these pieces of art are purely made in photoshop. hows that??

Even i was left spellbound after creating them.

But ur comments are most welcomed.

Thanks for visiting,

Ankit Doshi


Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Playground !

hi friends,

just another model for exterior lighting.

lets go and play! have funtime.

your comments are eagerly awaited.

Ankit Doshi

Wash your hands before surfing !

hey friends,

A model of a most common basin types at our homes. is it looking realistic? what say , wanna wash hands in it? go ahead... there's lots more to see fabulous work on this blog.

your comments are eagerly awaited.

Ankit Doshi


Want some 3D Sofa for Comfort !

hi again,

i am back with an interior lighting practice of a room. it doesnt have much objects but, i guess lighting is properly done. what say? wanna have a trial of these sofas?
the first one is 3d image and second one is stylised in photoshop. isn't the 2nd one cool for wallpaper on the PC.

i am a modeler as well as practicing hard to get into lighting too.

your comments are eagerly awaited.

Ankit Doshi

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Chevy Sedan in Max

hello friends,

After so long, i'm here with the best car model made by me so far in 3ds max 9.0 .... The Chevrolet Sedan 1957 model.

just look at the curves and surfaces... dont go on lighting n reflections coz my motive was to make a car model worth its name.

ur important comments are awaited.

Ankit Doshi