Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Telephone Booth


Here i am again with a roadside construction. Actually, i saw this image made by someone in my institute. I just brought the reference and started from fresh to make a model in 3D. after finishing with modeling, i did simply applied default textures of 3Ds Max. Then a little lighting and environment settings to make the image look approximately real.

please do comment on the quality of the image.

thanks 4 a visit,
Ankit Doshi


Sunday, January 21, 2007

Interior In Night N Day

Hey Dear Visitor,

This is the room, in which i'm living presently. but i'm showing you the area of room, visible from my side. it is modeled in 3Ds Max, textured in Max and Photoshop, lighting in 3Ds Max. I have tried my best to turn the image into real looking interior. I think i've reached to some extent... but a long way yet to go... coz i'm still learning 3Ds Max.

I'm not able to make the proper output in the night scene because lighting the room in night becomes difficult for a beginner, but i'll practice more and come with a better output soon.

Thank You to visit and observe the image. please give me ur views on Post Comments or email me.

Ankit Doshi

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Glass Reflections in 3d

Hi once again...

Happy New Year To You!

this time i'm coming up with the glass reflections. The centre one is the original glass which is getting reflected in the two walls(reflected surfaces). i dont say that this is what looks originally in real life, its mere my personal imagination that i was successfully able to make in 3d. Please do tell me do u appreciate such an artistic work or not.

ofcourse it was not an easy task to do, i was sitting for 3 to 4 hrs on computer to get this image as per my imagination.

Eagerly waiting for ur response,

Ankit Doshi