Thursday, December 21, 2006

Windows Vista Wallpaper Personalised

hey friends,

i'm back with an amazing editting in the windows vista wallpaper. the first one is the original wallpaper acquired from the vista theme based on windows xp. Then rest of the pics are editted in photoshop.

its not only difficult to paint a few areas in the wallpaper, but the Disney text (as in case of fonts of my name) is also included to show its richness.

that's what i thought of when i was in completion stages. what do u say? post ur comments... today!

ankit doshi

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Carrera GT in 3DS MAX


This is Carrera GT, made in 3DS MAX. the colour of the car, tyre styles are purely personal imagination. the name and number seems to be lucky to me... thus written on the car. try to see the reflection beneath the car... on the rough shiny surface... i was trying to make the road... which is rough as well shiny when wet.

friends, go through the picture and give me ur suggestions.

waiting for a response from you soon.

Ankit Doshi

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Class Test

The above image was editted in photoshop using pictures available on the PC that i worked on, in MAAC. Fortunately i managed to come first with a tie between me and my friend out of 13 aspirants. Actually i took various pics, and tried to mix them in such a way that it looks one particular place. all the waves u see arent copied from pics, but made self handed using brsh tool, clone tool. the road looks pretty fake but i couldn't get an idea of as to how would sunshine create shadows on road. here's my work but could not get my friend's work. as a beginner to photoshop, i would like to have ur serious comments on it.

ankit doshi

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Urban3k6 Contest

Even i took part in the contest but could not do as well as narayan did.

his work was splendid. i want comments on my work...

plz consider it and give appropriate reply.

ankit doshi