Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Class Test

The above image was editted in photoshop using pictures available on the PC that i worked on, in MAAC. Fortunately i managed to come first with a tie between me and my friend out of 13 aspirants. Actually i took various pics, and tried to mix them in such a way that it looks one particular place. all the waves u see arent copied from pics, but made self handed using brsh tool, clone tool. the road looks pretty fake but i couldn't get an idea of as to how would sunshine create shadows on road. here's my work but could not get my friend's work. as a beginner to photoshop, i would like to have ur serious comments on it.

ankit doshi

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Urban3k6 Contest

Even i took part in the contest but could not do as well as narayan did.

his work was splendid. i want comments on my work...

plz consider it and give appropriate reply.

ankit doshi